Brands must inspire. To inspire they must engage. To engage they must reveal themselves:

What drives them.
What they value.
What they hold dear.

Risky business.

Here’s to the risk takers. Celebrated in this Tone of Voice Hall of Fame.

Howie’s: As earnest as an anorak. As fresh as a rain drop.

McSweeney’s: Oh beautiful strange Seattle hipster, with your eye for design and your controversial ways, leave your bike outside my door and let’s change the world.

Innocent: Irreverent, playful, homespun. Keen on knitting.

Lurpak: Mock epic. Manly. Proud.

Pret: Homespun. Quirky. Smiley.

Paddy Power: Bolshy late night pub banter; perhaps leading to a brawl.

Jack Daniel’s: Tough. Seasoned. A nod, a wink and a dash of rock and roll.

Boden: Posh. English. Crumpet.