Project Description

Purpose Generation


Grayling PR


Relaunch the brand as dynamic and forward-looking through tone of voice, a brand manifesto and web copy.


Sample from the Brand Manifesto

We’re bold. We break down barriers, inside and out. We solve. We evolve. We see round corners. We can’t sit still.

We’re all the talents. We’re razor-sharp. Genius ideas. Seasoned, and scrappy.

We’re certainty. Data-first. We drive insight. We engage. We formulate strategy. We deliver ROI. We respond to the unexpected; with clarity and vision. We win.

We’re opportunity. We find new ways to connect, to engage, to enlighten, and to be enlightened. We’re optimistic. Uncontained, unrestrained.

We’re agile. Fluid. Adaptive. We take the form we need to take. We flex to client needs. We’re big, or small. Or big and small. The village. The globe. The place in between.

We’re a giant leap. Before and after. Then to now. Good to great.

Together we are The Grayling Effect.